Sending Contracts for eSignature

By creating a project estimate, you can obtain signatures electronically. This guide will show you the step-by-step process of generating eSignature for contracts created in the CRM. 

To learn how to generate a contract, please see this article. Once you've created a contract for a project, click ‘Send for eSignature” to email the signature request to the client. Or you can use "Get In-Person eSignature" to use a single device to obtain the signatures. Using this will allow you to skip the email portion, and the signed document will be sent to all parties once signatures are complete.

Click the “Customize Email” button to make changes before sending the email or “Send for eSignature” button to email the request to the client.

Toggle the checkbox below the fields to schedule e-signature reminders, then manage the email reminders by clicking on the blue Manage text. You will be able to set the schedule of the emails by creating the automations. 

Signing the Contract:

As soon as you click “Send for eSignature”, it will only take a few minutes for the email to be sent in your client. The client will simply click the blue button to proceed. They'll be brought to the Client Console, and directly to the contract for signature.

Client Signature: 

Click the Start button at the upper right side of the window, then click on the signature button under your name. You have three options on how you’d like to sign the document. You can choose Type Signature, Draw Signature or Upload Signature. In this example, we used a type signature. Click sign and finish to complete the process.

After the client signs the contract, the eSignature status will be automatically updated in the CRM. As shown, it is already “In Process (Exp. 10/6/21)”. Now the employee can sign the contract as well by clicking the green View and Sign button in the Contracts tab or from their own email accounts. Also note the project status in the top right automatically advanced to "Customer Signed". 

Notice that the eSignature status is now updated to “Complete” after both parties have signed the contract. Also note that the project status in the top right has automatically advanced to "Sold". 

Now that this contract has been sold, it will be sent for export to Quickbooks (if integrated). It will also be recorded for your total sales reports. Continue from here by creating an invoice, recording payment, and scheduling the project.

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