How does billing work for additional users?

Builder Prime offers different pricing plans, with each plan offering different features, integrations, and levels of support based on the pricing plan that you choose.  Each pricing plan includes 1 user.  For each additional user that you add onto the system, there is an additional monthly charge for that user.

Check out the details of our pricing plans on our website.

How does Builder Prime charge for active users?

The system bills for any user that was active for any part of the billing period, and not just based on how many are active at the end of the billing period. Only an employee can count as a user, but not all employees are necessarily users.  An employee only counts towards your active user count for billing if you set them as an active user on their employee record, and they have logged into the system at least once.  See more about how to manage your active users here.

What is the difference between an Office User and a Field User?

You can set up two different types of users in Builder Prime: Office/Sales users and Field users. Office/Sales users may have access to client and lead records, more detailed project information including contracts and invoices, meetings, to-do tasks, reports, and more. Typically, company owners, managers, sales people, marketing managers, project managers, etc. would be set up as Office users. Field users, on the other hand, have access to a much more limited set of functionality. They will have the ability to clock in and out based on their GPS location, the ability to see the schedule of tasks they are assigned to perform, upload job photos, update the project log, and update their time sheets.  Office users and field users are charged at different rates.

What types of users are included with the base subscription?

Each subscription plan includes 1 Office user.

Does every employee count as a user?

No, not necessarily. You can set up as many employees as you like and it does not mean they will count as users. An employee will only count as a user if they are selected as an Active User within the software and they have logged in at least once. You can remove the user access for your employees at any time and they will no longer count towards your user count for your billing.

Do clients and subcontractors count as users?

No. There are separate portals that clients and subcontractors may log into should you give them access to do so, but they will never count as users from a billing perspective.

What if I remove users in the middle of a billing period?

Your monthly invoice will count the maximum number of users that you had active at any given point during the billing period. So if you have 10 additional users active on day 1 of the billing period, but remove access to 3 of them starting on day 5, you will still be invoiced for 10 users at the end of the period because there were 10 users active at one point during the billing period.

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