Sales Pipeline Report

The Sales Pipeline report allows you to see all of the projects and Total Estimated Value of those projects that are currently in your sales pipeline.  In order for a project to be in your sales pipeline, it would have a project status that is part of the Sales Category. You can see the category for your project statuses if you navigate over to Admin > Configure > Project Statuses.  In the example screen shot below, we have three project statuses that are in the Sales Category: Estimate Request, Estimate Sent, and Customer Signed.  Any projects in one of these three statuses will show up in our Sales Pipeline report.

Builder Prime will determine the estimated value of a project first by looking at the most recently created contract document that has not been sold, if there is one.  Otherwise, it will use the Estimated Project Value field on the Info tab of the project.  If there is still not a value in that field either, the estimated value will just be $0.  

As shown, you can access all the project records in the data breakdown and search for specific items you want to manage. Export this data into an Excel file by clicking the blue button at the top of the table. 

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