Total Sales (Contracts) Report

The Total Sales (Contracts) Report allows you to see your total sales from all sold contracts over a period of time.  Marking a contract as sold (which happens automatically once e-signatures are completed) is the proper way to record a sale in Builder Prime, and this report will then show you the summarized data for these sold contracts.  You will have the option to break out this sales data by the Sales Person on the project record, the Lead Setter, the Lead Source, or the Project Type. 

At the top of the report, you will see the total number of Contracts Sold, Total Sold amount, and Average Sale amount for the overall company in the selected time period. 

In this example, we have generated a report from last year. As you can see, the report is divided into different categories namely: Number of Contracts Sold, Total Sale Amount, Average Sale Amount, Gross Profit and Gross Profit Margin.  Profit amount and profit margin numbers are calculated based on the sale amount in the contracts as well as the costs entered on that project.  For more about generating estimates including entering project costs, check this article.

If you want to view a different breakout perspective, click on the yellow dropdown field below the gray bar. You may choose the following perspectives such as Sales Person, Lead Setter, Lead Source or Project Type. In this example, we have selected the Sales Person. 

You can also toggle on the icons below to Hide Charts if you prefer to just view the reports in detailed tables or Include Cancelled Projects in the report. 

Scroll down to see the data breakdown of the Sales Person category. This table shows the summary of the sales made by the sales person in the particular time frame. Export this data into a PDF or Excel file by clicking on the blue buttons at the top of the table. 

The last table shows the details of each sold contract in the given time period. Click on any of the items to manage or update an existing record as necessary.

For more information on generating a contract, please see this article.

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