Meeting Results Configuration

Meeting Results are one of the key attributes you can attach to your sales meetings for purposes of monitoring, automation, and reports. 

You can directly set a meeting result on the appointment/meeting window. Click on the green Set Result button at the bottom of the calendar to log the result of the meeting.  

Now you can choose a meeting result by clicking on the dropdown field under Result. You can also enter a Sale Amount on the respective field for this particular meeting result. However, this is only relevant to the Meeting Results Report and does not necessarily indicate nor affect the actual sales made for the project. The actual sales amount is reflected in the contract.

Meeting Results are entirely customizable. You can create a new meeting result on the window itself by clicking the Add link at the top of the field. Otherwise, you may navigate to Admin > Configure > Meeting Results. 

This list of results will be empty when you first sign up for an account, but in this example, we already have populated it with a list of meeting results that are suitable for the company’s workflow. Click on the green New Meeting Result button to add a new meeting result. 

In the example below, we have a meeting result named “Sold” which we are able to access by clicking on this item in the list above. You can toggle the checkbox if a meeting with this result is considered a sale. This selection can determine how the meeting shows up in the Meeting Results report, as well as how it is handled with regards to automating your lead status updates.

You can also configure automatic updates to the lead status for a particular lead based on which meeting result you select on a meeting, or whether that meeting result is considered to represent a sale.  This can help you keep your lead statuses up to date in real time as long as your sales rep simply set the result of their meetings.  Read more about these types of automations in this article.

Looking for more information on the Meeting Results report? Read this article.

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