How to prevent Builder Prime emails from going to spam

Builder Prime email services have excellent deliverability scores, but that doesn't always prevent your messages you send in Builder Prime from going to the recipient's spam folder.  Here are some tips for how to prevent emails sent in Builder Prime from going to spam.

1. Sign up for an email service from Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, or some other paid email service that uses your own company domain.  When you send emails from Builder Prime, it will use a From address, except with your actual company name rather than 'mycompany'.  The email will use a Reply-To address of your own email address that you use to sign in to Builder Prime.  This way when a recipient clicks reply, it will go directly to your email address rather than to  Email services may be more likely to flag these types of emails when the Reply-To is a free email service like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.

2. If you do have an email address from Google Workspace (or even a free Gmail address), you can link your account in Builder Prime by navigating to Admin > Integrations > Email.  For most emails sent through Builder Prime, it will use this connected Gmail account for sending the email.  That means it will bypass Builder Prime's mail servers completely, and you will even see that sent email show up in your Gmail sent items after clicking to send in Builder Prime.  It is possible that you may get better deliverability of some emails this way, but it is also possible it will be worse.  Email addresses with your company's domain rather than a free Gmail account will always be better though.

3. Emails you send through Builder Prime will include your logo at the top by default.  When email service providers see a high ratio of images to text, they are more likely to flag it as spam, so you might want to try toggling off the header image from your emails if you notice this to be a problem.  You can modify this setting on the email template by going to Admin > Configure > Email & SMS.  Find the template in question and toggle off the option to include the logo image in the header.

4. In addition to the logo at the top of the emails, Builder Prime also formats your emails nicely using HTML formatting to give them a nice professional look and to make the more readable on any size device.  The downside of this is that some email service providers may be more likely to flag an email as spam if it uses HTML rather than plain text.  The good news is that you can change your emails and email templates to use plain text instead in most cases.  This can also improve the deliverability of your emails.  You can toggle this in the same place as the logo images in the step above.

5. At the end of the day, email service providers are going to be more likely to flag an email as spam if it looks like an advertisement or promotion of some sort.  The more you make the email look like it is something you hand-typed to your friend or family member, the better off you will be for landing in the recipient's inbox.  Don't use too many images or links.  Use lots of text, if appropriate.  And stay away from sales and marketing terminology as much as possible.

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