Leads by Lead Source and Project Type Report

Leads by Lead Source and Project Type Report is another helpful report you can utilize in the CRM. This report allows you to assess the number of leads you acquire based on lead source and project types in a selected time frame.  

This report also shows the Total Opportunities, New Opportunities, and Rehash Opportunities obtained in the selected time range. If you are looking to understand these terminologies, check out this article: Lead Performance Report.

Head to Reports in the main navigation, then select Leads by Lead Source and Project Type on the dropdown. In this example, we have launched a report for this year.   

Here are the key variables shown in the graph: 
X-axis: This horizontal line shows the lead sources that are responsible for the leads acquired within the given time period.
Y-axis: This vertical line shows the number of leads acquired by the lead source for a specific project type.    
Colored Bars: These bars represent the corresponding project types that are availed by the leads in the selected time frame. They can be found at the top of the graph with their respective labels, and within the graph.   
Note: These metrics may vary depending on the time frame you select for the report. For example, the Radio will not appear as a lead source in a report generated from last month as there were no leads acquired through this particular lead source. The same is true for the project types, as not all project types can be present in every report with different time frames. 
Scroll down to see the data breakdown of the report. Click on any of the records, or use the search bar to easily look up for an existing client record. You can also export this data into a PDF or Excel file, by clicking on either or both of the two blue buttons at the top of the table. 

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