Collecting Online Payments via Credit Card and ACH

Builder Prime offers a merchant services integration that allows you to collect payment electronically on your invoices in Builder Prime.  Your customers can pay by credit card, debit card, or ACH.  ACH is currently only available in the United States.

Creating Your Merchant Account

If you do not yet have an integrated merchant account in Builder Prime, first navigate to Admin > Integrations > Payments.  You should see something like this:

When you click the green button, you will see a popup window that requests some more information to help us get started on your new account.  Once you submit the request, someone will reach out shortly to finish collecting the information required for underwriting.  If you prefer, you can call directly to get started with the process.  The phone number to call is (888) 828-1553.  The underwriting process can be completed in as little as one day so you can start getting paid through Builder Prime quickly! 

Collecting Payment in Builder Prime with Your New Merchant Account

Once your merchant account is setup, you can start accepting online payments right away in Builder Prime.  Follow these 3 simple steps to get paid!

Step 1. First make sure the option to accept online payments is toggled on for your project.  You will see your available payment options on the Info tab of your project like so:

Note: You set default values for these payment options that get applied any time you create a new project.  You can always toggle these values on or off on a project-by-project basis.  To set the defaults, go to Admin > My Company, and find the section for Company Settings & Defaults.  There you will see the options to set your company wide defaults.

Step 2. In order for any payment to be recorded in Builder Prime, you first need to have an invoice to record that payment against.  It is no different when collecting online payments.  Head over to the Billing tab of the project, where you can create your invoice.  Once the invoice is created, you will see a green button that says Send for Payment.  This button will only be visible if you have at least one of the options toggled on for the project to allow online payments.

Once you click the button to send for Payment, it will bring up your email template allowing you to make any changes to this one specific email you are about to send requesting payment.  Any changes you make to the subject of body will not be updated back to the template.  If you want to change the default subject of body for this email template, navigate over to Admin > Configure > Email Templates, and find the template titled Project Invoice With ePay Button.  Then you can edit the subject and body for the default template.

Note: For credit card payments, you also have the option to process the customer's credit card directly rather than sending the request through an email.  To do this, click the button to Record Payment instead of clicking to Send for Payment.  Choose Credit Card for the Payment Method, and you will see the input fields for the credit card details.  For ACH, it is required that you request the payment via email.

Step 3. Once the customer receives the email, they can click the button and it will log them immediately into the client portal where they will see the options to view their invoice, as well as the options to make a payment according to what you have enabled on the project.  If you did not allow credit card payments for this project, they will not see the button to pay by credit card.  If you did not allow ACH for this project, they will not see the option to pay with their bank account.

Here is what the customer would see for our example project after clicking the button in their email:

When the customer clicks to Pay with Credit Card, they will see a window like this:

When the customer clicks to Pay with Bank Account, they will see a window like this:

Once the customer submits submits the payment, it will be automatically processed, and it will be recorded in Builder Prime.  If you have automations based on payments being received, they would be initiated as a result of this payment.  Also, both the company and the customer will receive email notifications that the payment was successful.

Please note that ACH payments take longer for settlement than credit cards.

Online Transaction Reporting in Builder Prime

Finally, there is a report that will show you all of the online transactions that were processed in Builder Prime.  Just navigate to Reports from the main menu, and choose the Credit Card Transactions report.  This will report on ACH transactions as well as Credit Cards.  You will be able to see the full status of these transactions including settlement information.  This report can be very helpful for reconciliation with your bank account.

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