Onboarding Guide

Congratulations! You've taken the next step in helping your business grow by adopting the Builder Prime CRM to save time, sell more jobs, and earn more money. Now let's get the platform set up for your company to start tracking leads and managing your sales and production workflows!

Following these steps will be the start of getting your CRM up and running. There are lots of customizations and automations available to tailor the platform to your liking. As a quick start, let's get your company set up using the ready, out-of-the-box configurations and built-in automations.

1. Company Setup

First, set up your basic company information. You'll want to grab a high resolution image for your company logo, select your custom accent color to be used throughout the app as well as the documents you produce, your company's Terms and Conditions, and basic contact information. The information and image provided on this page will ultimately be reflected on any project estimates/contracts and invoices that are sent from the platform. 

Click here to learn more about setting up your company information

2. Integrations

Builder Prime integrates with several tools you might already be using, making communication, scheduling, payments, accounting, and even lead generation more streamlined. For example, you are able to sync your Gmail (or Google Workspace) account, sync your Google Calendar to Builder Prime's sales calendar, and use Zapier or the open API to send new leads automatically into the CRM. Additionally, you’ll be able to accept credit card, debit card or ACH payments by integrating with our electronic payment processor.

Click here to learn more about setting up your integrations

3. Get Started with Lead Management

Start tracking your leads with the Builder Prime CRM. If you've integrated your digital lead source through Zapier or the Open API, you'll start to see these leads flow in automatically. Otherwise, you can record a new lead manually and start tracking them through your sales funnel.

Builder Prime has default Lead Statuses that will help you and your sales team stay organized and prevent any leads from falling through the cracks. Once you've got the hang of the automated lead tracking, you can always customize your sales funnel, or create additional Lead Statuses to reflect other stages of your sales process. 

Click here for the detailed guide on getting started with lead management

4. Get Started with Sales and Production Management

Now that you've got some leads set up in the platform, let's start selling some jobs! Builder Prime has robust Production Management tools seamlessly integrated into each project so you can create project estimates, e-sign contracts, assign employees/subcontractors to project tasks, account for job costs, and even schedule production all from one page! 

Click here for the detailed guide on getting started with sales and production management

Want some one-on-one help getting the Builder Prime CRM set up for your workflow? Schedule a free, personalized onboarding call with our friendly experts. 

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