How to Add Custom Fields

Adding custom fields to either the client screen or project screen is easy in Builder Prime. We provide many different standard fields that you can utilize, but you can also collect some additional details that we’ve not included as you see fit. Get started with adding custom fields from Admin > Configure in the main navigation. 

Go to the Custom Fields Section. Hover over the drop down button to select whether it’s for “Client” or “Project” record, then click on the green “New Custom Field” button to create.

Example 1: Single Line Text for Client Screen

In this example, we have chosen Custom Field for Client. Fill in the blanks just how you’d like to modify your additional field. Choose the appropriate “Field Type” for the information you want to collect (e.g Single Line Text) in your client or project records.

Add the name or “Label” of the item (e.g. Color), and include a Placeholder Text as necessary (e.g. Sunset Orange). You can also assign this field to an “Email Variable Name” if you want to include this information as a variable in any of your emails templates.  For more information on email templates and variables, see the article here.

Check or uncheck the “Is Required Field” box as needed. If you’re satisfied with what the field looks like below the “Sample”, then click on “Save & Close”.

Note: Checking this box will ultimately require an input, or the record will not be saved. As shown in the Client Record, the “Color” field is highlighted in red, indicating that it is a required field. If the field is left blank, the record will not be saved. 

Example 2: Drop Down for Project

Let's take a look at another example.  This time we will add a drop down field for easier data gathering in your Project Record. From Admin > Configure, click the green button for New Custom Field.  Simply choose “Drop Down” under the Field Type, and fill in the Label (e.g. Floor Type), then click on “Save”.  

Once you’ve saved the custom field, you’ll be able to add options. Click on the green “New Option” button, then type the option name and save. In this example, we have added “Hardwood”, "Engineered", and  "Vinyl" as options. 

Click on the drop down button to check if all options are available. “Save and Close” when you’re done. 

Check your newly added custom field in your Project Record by navigating to Projects > Show All. Click on the “New Project” button at the top right to see the changes.

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