Managing the QuickBooks Export Queue / Common Errors

When you enable one of the accounting exports, i.e. QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online, you will see a list of items on the Accounting page in the Admin Console that are either pending export to the accounting system or have already been exported to the accounting system.  If you have more than one export enabled, you will be able to toggle between the export logs for each enabled export.  

If an error occurred with the export, you will see that error message listed in the export log.  Errors can occur for any number of reasons when exporting data from Builder Prime to the accounting system.  For example, if a sales tax rate is not set up exactly the same in both systems, you will see an error message indicating that.  You can always contact support if you need help resolving an export error.

If there is an item pending export and you decide that you do not want that item to be exported, you can always remove that item from the list of pending items to be exported.  Simply click on the item in the export log and click the button to remove it from the export.

Common Errors

Here are some of the more common errors and how to resolve them:

Object "B68F-1621437495" specified in the request cannot be found.

  • Object "AAAA-0000000000" specified in the request cannot be found.

    Explanation & Resolution: This error most commonly occurs for payments.  The Object being referenced in the error message is an invoice.  Most likely what happened is that the invoice was deleted or modified with a new identifier directly in QuickBooks.  Builder Prime will not receive any new identifier for the invoice that was modified or deleted directly by a user in QuickBooks.  To ensure smooth operation of the export, you should generally avoid making changes to transactions directly in QuickBooks that were initially created by Builder Prime.  If you are seeing this error message in your Builder Prime export queue now, you should manually insert or update the failing transaction in QuickBooks, and remove this item from your Builder Prime export queue.
  • The given object ID "" in the field "list id" is invalid.

    Explanation & Resolution: This error indicates that the list element on one or more of your estimate or invoice line items is not found in QuickBooks.  Most often, this is due to a missing Accounting Code on one or more of your line items.  The easiest fix for this is to set the "Default Sales Item" in the settings section under Admin > Configure.  The item you select here will then be used on any line items of your estimate or invoice where an Accounting Code is not more explicitly set.  If one overall default sales item is too general for how you categorize things in QuickBooks, you can additionally or alternatively set a default accounting code on any of your project types.  That way if any of the line items on your project do not explicitly specify an accounting code, it will apply the accounting code from the assigned project type.  Finally, if the project type is still too general for how you categorize your line items in QuickBooks, you can specify the Accounting Code on any of your line items in the Tasks tab of your project and/or the line items for your default tasks in your project templates.
  • Duplicate Document Number Error :: Detail: Duplicate Document Number Error : You must specify a different number. This number has already been used. DocNumber=XXXX-bp is assigned to TxnType=Estimate with TxnId=XXXX

    Explanation & Resolution: There are two reasons that this error message can occur.  Builder Prime sets a reference number on the transaction being exported with the number associated with that item in Builder Prime plus '-bp' appended to it.  If a transaction was manually created in QuickBooks with the reference number that Builder Prime is trying to use for it, QuickBooks will throw this error.  If you create a transaction manually in QuickBooks, it may try to follow the pattern of previous reference numbers, so it may default the reference number with the '-bp' in it.  If this occurs, you should change the reference number in QuickBooks for the manually created transaction and then retry to export for this item.

    Another reason this can occur is that the item being exported to QuickBooks is updated at about the same time by a user from within the Builder Prime app.  This causes a conflict when two separate updates are being attempted to the same record at the same time in Builder Prime.  An example of this could be the contract getting e-signed or marked as sold while the export is occurring.  This causes a conflict and QuickBooks is unable set the transaction link and clear the item from the queue in Builder Prime.  Builder Prime then sees this transaction as not exported, even though it has been successfully set up in QuickBooks, so it tries again and QuickBooks doesn't allow it since it already exists.  If this occurs, please alert Builder Prime support to establish the transaction link, and once linked, you can remove it from the export queue.
  • This invoice is recorded against Contract No. XXXX, but the corresponding estimate was not found in QuickBooks. Please make sure that Contract No. XXXX has been marked as sold and retry sending this invoice to QuickBooks.

    Explanation & Resolution: If you are sending estimates and invoices to QuickBooks, Builder Prime will link these transactions for you in QuickBooks, just like they are linked in Builder Prime.  In order to link an invoice to an estimate, the estimate must first exist in QuickBooks.  Check if the contract in question is marked as sold since this is what triggers the estimate to be created in QuickBooks.  Once the estimate is successfully sent over to QuickBooks, then click to Retry Failed Items and the invoice should get created as well, clearing the error from the export queue.
  • Object Not Found :: Detail: Object Not Found : Something you're trying to use has been made inactive. Check the fields with accounts, customers, items, vendors or employees.

    Explanation & Resolution: Unfortunately QuickBooks does not tell us here exactly what has been made inactive.  Most commonly, it is either one of your items that are being applied to the different line items of the transaction, or the customer.  Sometimes you might have two items in QuickBooks with the same name, and one was made inactive, but if Builder Prime still has the link to the one that was made inactive, it is a little trickier to figure out.  Your best course of action here is to reimport your items list from QuickBooks to Builder Prime in Admin > Accounting. Then make sure you have appropriate active items selected for your default service item in the Accounting screen if you do have one selected. Next, verify that the default Accounting Code on your Project Types in Builder Prime are mapped with active QuickBooks items if you use the default setting here.  Finally, double check that the specific line items on your contracts and invoices in Builder Prime have valid active accounting codes on them (in the Tasks tab of the project).  Remember, you can always reach out to Builder Prime support and we will help you track down why the error is occurring.
  • Duplicate Name Exists Error :: Detail: The name supplied already exists : null

    Explanation & Resolution: Usually this error refers to a customer that Builder Prime is attempting to set up in QuickBooks.  QuickBooks has a Display Name field that can be used instead of the First Name and Last Name fields.  Builder Prime attempts to look for and set up customers based on the specifc fields in QuickBooks for First Name and Last Name.  If it doesn't find a match, it will try to set it up as a new customer by setting the first and last name fields.  QuickBooks will then attempt to create the display name based on those fields.  If the display name is the same as an existing customer record, it will give this error.  The easiest way to resolve this is to enter the first and last name in the designated fields for the customer in QuickBooks and then retry.
  • Invalid Customer :: Detail: The customer you have specifid has been deleted. You cannot create or edit a transaction with a deleted customer.

    Explanation & Resolution: A client record in Builder Prime has been previously linked with a customer record in QuickBooks, but now that customer record in QuickBooks has been deleted.  QuickBooks will not allow you to enter transactions against a deleted customer.  The easiest resolution is restore the deleted customer record in QuickBooks.  If you need the link to the deleted customer to be removed from Builder Prime, send a request to Builder Prime support containing the URL of the client record that needs to be unlinked.  We will unlink it and then Builder Prime will attempt to find a different customer, or otherwise set up a new one, on the next attempt to export.
  • There is no Deposit Item set for this deposit invoice

    Explanation & Resolution: The invoice being exported has been designated as a deposit invoice in Builder Prime.  The reason to specify an invoice as a deposit invoice is so that you can put that invoice against a liability account in QuickBooks until the work has been performed.  Subsequent invoices will move the specified amount out of the liability account and into an asset account.  In order for Builder Prime to know which liability account the deposit invoice should go against, you need to specify the Deposit Item in the QuickBooks Settings in Admin > Accounting.  Otherwise, if you don't want this to go against a liability account, then edit the invoice and deselect the option to make it a deposit invoice.

How to Retry Failed Items

Items that were not successfully exported to QuickBooks for any reason are not automatically retried on every execution of the export process.  In order to queue failed items up to be retried, click the button to Retry Failed Items at the top of the Export Queue section in your Admin > Accounting screen.  Then any items that previously had errors will be reattempted on the next execution of the export process.

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