Managing Inventory

Maintain a list of commonly used materials in the Inventory page to quickly and accurately account for job costs for your projects. 

Follow this example of adding a new material, assigning it to a project, and ultimately tracking its inventory status. First, let's create a new material: 

From the Inventory page, add a New Material:

Record this material information. In the above example, we're calculating per gallon in paint. *Adding a material to your material list does not automatically enter the quantity as in stock inventory. To track inventory status, follow along the next steps.

Add Material to Inventory:

Click on the Material in your  My Materials list to add it to a Purchase Order or straight to your In Stock Inventory by clicking "Add to Inventory".

Above, we're adding 10 units (gallons) of our paint material to our In Stock Inventory. We can see we have 10 units of Sherwin Williams PRO Paint in our inventory. Zero allocated to any projects thus far.

Assign a material to a project:

Above, we're assigning 2 gallons of our material to this project task. 

Once you assign a material to a subtask, it will look to see if there is any unallocated quantity of that material in stock. If you have unallocated quantity in stock, it will automatically pull from that unallocated quantity and mark it as allocated to this project task.

If you don't have unallocated quantity in stock when you assign the particular material to a project task, it will add the material to the Pending Order status since it is not currently in stock.  From there, you can add the pending quantity into inventory either through a purchase order or the "Add to Inventory" button on the material.

If there was not enough unallocated quantity of a material in stock when you assigned it, and then you later add that material into inventory, the software will not make any assumptions as to which jobs you want that particular lot of material allocated.  Therefore, you will need to click the material lot number as show in the screenshot above, and then click to allocate that material to the different tasks that require that allocation. 

Once the allocated quantity is used, you can mark it as used to move it out of stock. You can mark it as used on the Materials section of a Project's Tasks page:

Now we can see the total quantity remaining in stock after using 2 gallons on our project: 

Once the entirety of the in stock total has been allocated and used, this material will be listed in the Out of Stock tab. We can then record a new lot has been received to add more of this material back In Stock.  

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