Managing Automations

The Builder Prime CRM allows you to create custom automations based on different milestones. You are able to send emails to clients or employees, create to-do tasks, add to an employee's call queue, or even update a Lead Status or Project Status automatically. Set it and forget it! Let's look at a few examples of automations within Builder Prime. 

Creating an Automation

We'll need to decide what the trigger milestone will be for the automation. This can be a Lead Status, a Project Status, or a Meeting. Then we will decide which action we want to take: send an email, create a to-do task, create a call-queue item, or update a Lead or Project Status.

First, head to Admin > Configure. Now let's find the the status or meeting that we want to create an automated action for.

Example 1: Automated Email on a Lead or Project Status:

Let's walk through setting up automated emails within the CRM. Remember that these emails can be sent to employees, clients, or another static email address. You can even set up a sales-driven "drip campaign" by sending a series of emails at different time increments.

To get started, first create your desired Email Template. Be sure to use variables for information that needs to change from email to email. (*The available variables for any email are decided by the Context field on the email template. For example, if you wish to include information like a project name or project work site address, be sure to select a Project context. Or for appointment date or appointment start time, select a Meeting context*)

See How to Create Email Templates article.


Above, we're selecting the Lead Status, "Customer", to attach an automation. In this example, we're going to send a thank you email to any client that reaches the Customer status after 2 business days. Follow along for the next steps. (Remember, you can add an automation to any other lead status, project status, or meeting within the platform.)


Clicking into the our desired Lead Status, we can create a New Automation on this Status. Creating a New Automation will allow us next to define what kind of action we want to take. Remember, we can create a new To-Do Task, add an item to a Call Queue, Send an Email, or Update the Lead Status after a defined amount of time. In this example, we're going to be sending an email.


Select which Action Type we want for this automation. Remember, we're sending an email in this example. We'll also name this automation. This example's name is "Lead Status Set As Customer". Now we'll save it, then add the action. Click Save now.


Now we can add the Email Action. Click "New Email Action" to add an email to this automation. You can add multiple Email Actions if you want multiple emails to be sent on the same trigger. Adding multiple email actions at different time increments is how you would make a sales drip campaign.


Now you'll simply define how long to wait before we send the email. To whom will the email be delivered. From whom. And finally, which email template to send. Remember, you'll need to make the email template first! 

Example 2: Automated Email on a Meeting: 


To set an automated email reminder for a meeting, head to Admin>Configure, and find the Meeting Types section. Select the type of meeting that you'll want to attach an automated email and click "New Automation". Follow along the same steps as before to select an action type (Send Email, in this case), define when the email should be sent, and to/from whom. Set it and forget it! 

Example 3: Automated Status Updates

Perhaps you would like an automation to automatically move a client or a project to another status after a certain period of time has passed. For example, when we send a Project Estimate, the project status will be updated to "Estimate Sent". Like the previous examples, we can easily set up an automatic email reminder to both the client and/or the project's Sales Person. But maybe we want to update the project status to "Sale Lost" if the client does not sign the estimate after 7 days. We can set up an automatic Project Status Update, too! Follow along:

Find the desired Lead or Project Status which we'll set an automation timer:


We'll be attaching an automation onto the Estimate Sent Project Status. We'll make any project automatically move to the "Sale Lost" Status if the project has been in the "Estimate Sent" status for 7 days. Click into the Estimate Sent (or your desired) Status.


Click New Automation to add a new automation.


Select which type of Action to take. For our example, we'll update the Project Status.


Add a new Project Status Update Action. We'll define this automation to update the project's status after 7 days into the Sale Lost category.

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