Zapier Integration

Builder Prime integrates with Zapier so that you can automatically create new leads or client records in Builder Prime from thousands of other apps in the Zapier ecosystem.  The most common scenario that people use the Zapier integration for is to send lead information from a form on their website into Builder Prime.  If your website is built using WordPress, there are many different form plugins you might be using, most of which will be able to send the data from the form to Zapier, and then into Builder Prime.  Other website builders besides WordPress often have integrations with Zapier as well.

The Zapier integration is not just for pushing lead information from your website forms into Builder Prime.  There are tons of other apps that work with Zapier that can also send this information into Builder Prime via Zapier.

Let's take a look at how to setup the Zapier connection with Builder Prime.

Step 1: Create a Zap and select your Trigger app

Once you log in to the Zapier app, you should see a prominently displayed button to create a new Zap.  Click to create the Zap and find your Trigger app.  The Trigger app is the app that will send the lead info  to Builder Prime.  Zapier will walk you through the steps to connect your account for that Trigger app.  Follow the steps until Zapier prompts you to set the Action.

Step 2: Select Builder Prime as your Action app

Search for the Builder Prime app to use for this Action step and select it from the displayed list. 

Choose the event called "Create Client Record." 

Step 3: Connect your Builder Prime account

When prompted to "Choose account" you will select the option to "Connect a new account" if you have never connected your Builder Prime account in Zapier before.  This will open a new window and it will prompt you for two pieces of information in order to connect your Builder Prime account:

  • Subdomain: This is the first part of the URL that you use when logging into Builder Prime from a web browser.  For example, if you access your Builder Prime app at, then the subdomain you would enter here is 'mycompany' (without the quotes).  Please do not enter the entire URL - it will fail to authenticate.
  • API Key: The API Key can be found in the Admin > Integrations screen in Builder Prime app, within the Zapier section.

Step 4: Set up your action

This is the part where you will map the data from the Trigger app into the Builder Prime app.  When you click into each of the available Builder Prime fields to map, you can select which field from the Trigger app should map into it.  Once you map the fields you want to get loaded into the new Client record in Builder Prime, press to Continue and then you can run a Test.  This will send some sample information into Builder Prime.  If it is successful, you may want to log into Builder Prime and delete this test record.

Step 5: Turn on your Zap

Once your test is successful, just remember to turn on your new Zap!  Whenever your Trigger app has data to send, it will flow right into Builder Prime for you automatically!

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