Gmail Integration

There are two types of Gmail integrations available in Builder Prime, and you will see a separate button for connecting each type in the Admin > Integrations page.  The Gmail integrations are connected per user, as opposed to using a single overall generic company account.  Each user that logs into Builder Prime has the ability to connect their own Gmail account so long as it is permitted in the user role they are assigned on their employee record.  The specific permission that is required is called 'Manage Personal Email' under the 'Integrations' heading of the particular user role.  Check this article for more information on managing permissions.

Two Types of Gmail Integration

The  first type of Gmail integration is just for sending emails via Builder Prime.  When you connect this one with your specific login, when you use Builder Prime to send an email, it will send through that connected Gmail account, bypassing the email servers used by Builder Prime altogether.  You will see that sent email in your sent items folder in your connected Gmail account.  You will also see a copy of that email in the Client Activity section of the client record so anyone with access to that client record and the client activity can also see that email was sent to the client. 

There are some types of emails that will never get sent via Gmail though.  Even if you connected this first type of Gmail integration, all 'secure' emails will still be sent via the Builder Prime servers.  An email is considered a 'secure' email if it contains a link or a button that allows the recipient to directly log into Builder Prime.  For example, emails that have a button to e-sign a contract, or pay an invoice in the app, are considered 'secure' emails.  In this case, they will be sent from an address like, except 'mycompany' would be replaced with whatever your company subdomain is that you use to login with Builder Prime.  The reason this does not use the Gmail integration is because it would be easy for the sender to access the button in their sent items and impersonate the recipient.  All emails that are sent via the Builder Prime email servers will have a Reply-To address set on them, so when the recipient clicks the reply button in their email client, it will get sent back to the email address on the Builder Prime user account that sent the email in Builder Prime.  If, by chance, the recipient decides to directly email the address in the From address on the email, which would be something like, that email will still be routed to whoever is set as the Builder Prime account owner.  This scenario where the recipient directly emails the builderprime email address should be very infrequent.

Any replies to emails that do not contain 'secure' links or buttons and are sent via the Gmail integration will go directly back to the Gmail account that sent it.  Those replies and subsequent messages in that email thread will live only in your Gmail account, and you will not see any of the replies in Builder Prime... unless you connect the second type of Gmail integration.

The second type of Gmail integration is only available for email addresses set up with Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite).  That means that this integration is not available for email addresses that end in  The reason for this is that this second type of Gmail integration requires a much more sensitive access scope since you are technically giving Builder Prime access to read all of the emails in your account.  While the permission is there to read any email, Builder Prime does NOT do this.  If this integration is connected, Builder Prime will import emails that are sent FROM or TO email addresses that are associated with client records in Builder Prime.  This way we can display those emails in the Client Activity section of the client record for anyone with access to see this communication in Builder Prime and have a full picture of all email communication with that client all in one place.  We do not read or use the contents of the emails in any other way, shape, or form.

If you decide to connect this second Gmail integration, you will first need to whitelist the Builder Prime app in your Google Workspace account.  This will need to be done by a Google Workspace adminstrator, but only needs to be done once for the entire company, and not for each individual user. 

The following Google support article explains how to configure the whitelist:

When adding the app to the whitelist, you will need to copy and paste the identifier for the Builder Prime app, which is:

Can I still send emails in Builder Prime without the Gmail integration?

Yes, absolutely.  The same method of sending that we discussed above with 'secure' emails would be used for all cases if the sending user does not have a Gmail account connected.  Subsequent emails with clients not initiated directly in Builder Prime will not be imported, however.  The records of the emails sent would also live only in Builder Prime, as opposed to also being in your Gmail account.  All of the functionality of the Builder Prime app is still available and works great.  The Gmail integration just adds a bit more capability on top of it.

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