Completing Bulk Actions

With the ability to complete bulk actions, you can perform any of the following tasks on multiple clients or projects at one time. Both Clients and Projects have their own set of actions, which are listed in the table below.

Client Bulk Actions Project Bulk Actions
  • Delete
  • Update Lead Source
  • Update Lead Status
  • Update Sales Person
  • Update Interested in
  • Update Lead Setter
  • Update Class
  • Send Email
  • Send SMS
  • Add to Call Queue
  • Delete Project
  • Update Project Type
  • Update Sales Person
  • Update Project Manager
  • Update Foreman
  • Update Class
  • Send Email
  • Add to Call Queue
  • Create To-Do

Follow the steps outlined below to perform a bulk action.

1. Choose your Client Bucket

Before performing a bulk action, you can filter the clients by choosing a specific Lead Status, or showing all clients and using the search box.

Example: I need to reassign the salesperson for Leads who were previously assigned to John Smith. As long as the salesperson displays in the clients table (this can be changed under Admin > Display Preferences), I can search for John Smith in the search box to reassign those Leads.

Example: I want to send an email to all Leads currently in the "Appointment Not Set" status. This can be accomplished by selecting the "Appointment Not Set" bucket from the Clients menu.

Choose your Client Bucket

2. Check the Boxes

Use the top check to check all of the boxes, or manually check the box next to specific clients you want to complete the bulk action for. To show more clients on the page, you can change how many are visible by using the dropdown on the right corner of the table that says "Show 10 entries."

Check the Boxes

3. Choose the Bulk Action

Select the bulk action being completed from the dropdown menu above the table.

Important: Bulk emails can only be sent if a Gmail account is integrated.

Choose the Bulk Action

4. Run the Opportunity

This will open up an additional window to make the specific selections. If sending a bulk email, you can choose a template or write the email from scratch. If updating the status, you will be prompted to choose the new status. If updating the salesperson, you will be prompted to choose the new sales person.

Run the Opportunity

5. Click on Run

Click on Run

6. Review the Status

If any of the opportunities were unsuccessful, this is noted with a red "X" and the reason it was unsuccessful.

Review the Status

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