How to Record a New Lead

The Builder Prime CRM allows you to automatically import lead information to the platform via our open API or through Zapier integration. When entering a lead manually into the platform, however, you'll want to enter as much information as is helpful for your sales team. See graphics below for definitions of each of the fields when recording a new lead:

Clicking the New Client button the top of any screen within Builder Prime will record a new lead into the CRM. Clicking "New Client" will bring us to the new client record below.



Basic Information

Basic contact information for your new sales lead, like First and Last Name, Email, Address, and Phone Numbers. This is the information that should be used for your direct customer and will be used for addressing Contracts and Invoices. 


Active Client, Client Console, DNC

Active Client: Unchecking this box will hide the client from the list when viewing a particular lead status. If they're not actively within your funnel, or no longer wish to display their information when viewing a particular lead status, marking a client inactive will hide them from your lead statuses, or "buckets".

Access to Client Console: Builder Prime maintains a Client Console, where your customer are able to view any contracts or invoices shared with them. This Client Console is where e-signatures for contracts, and electronic payments for invoices are made. Unchecking this box will disallow the client from accessing the console, preventing them from accessing contracts for e-signature, or invoices to be paid online. 

Do Not Contact: Checking this box will flag this lead as a "Do Not Contact", making it explicitly clear not to follow up with this lead. It's a simple visual reminder not to reach out to this client for future sales opportunities. It will also prevent any automated communications from being sent to the client.


Functional and Reportable Fields

Lead Source: Recording the source from which this client came will result in robust reports for your different Lead Sources. You'll be able to see Net Sales, Close Rates, Appointment Set and Run percentages, and even customer acquisition costs for each of your different lead sources. See Sales and Marketing Reports in action.

Sales Person: Assign this lead to the Sales team. Permissions to access this client record can be controlled based on who is assigned as the sales person here.  This will also be used when running sales reports, to report close rates, net sales, demo rates, and other key metrics.

Lead Set By: If someone other than the Sales Person is recording this lead, such as telemarketer or canvasser, the Lead Set By field can be used. This field is also reportable, and you can view key sales and marketing metrics broken out by Lead Setters. 

Lead Status: This is the status in the sales funnel. By default, a newly recorded lead will begin in "Lead Received". The Lead Statuses within Builder Prime will update automatically just by using the workflow. For example, if you set a sales meeting for a newly recorded lead, this status will automatically advance to "Appointment Set". When generating an estimate, the lead's status will advance to "Sale in Progress", and so forth. You are able to customize your sales funnel's lead statuses and the triggers for which they will advance within Admin > Configure.

Interested In: You can streamline the estimating process by pre-selecting what type of job this lead is interested in. This will automatically pull the corresponding Project Template when creating an estimate. Manage Project Types and Project Templates from Admin > Configure. 

Class: This field represents a customizable list to classify major segments of your business.  For example, you may wish to set up a class for different locations in which your business operates.  Another common use is to list the major type of the work such as residential, commercial, industrial, etc.  


Sales Information

These fields will help the sales team track pertinent information about the lead, including the  Estimated Lead ValueClose ProbabilityBest time to contactBest way to contact, and Notes. Use this section for optimizing your sales process and prioritizing communication with the new lead.


Custom Fields

Builder Prime allows for many customizations, including the ability to add additional fields to the Client Record. If there is additional helpful information that your company likes to track, you can add additional fields in Admin > Configure.  Custom fields will be included in tables of data when running lead reports.  They can also be used as variables to be injected into your email templates.

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