Controlling Permissions

You are able to finely adjust employee permissions within the Builder Prime CRM. Access level is controlled first and foremost by the User Role assigned on the Employee Record. Head to Admin > Employees to get started.


Select the appropriate User Role to set the employee's access permissions.

By default, Builder Prime comes out of the box with four user roles: Owner, Business Manager, Project Manager, and Sales Person. These roles have differing levels of access for Client information, Project information, Work Orders, Contracts, and nearly every aspect of the platform. You're able to further customize access by creating additional user roles, or edit the existing permissions for these pre-defined roles from Admin > Roles. 

User Roles control access to every aspect of the platform. They are based on one of the two User Types (Office/Sales or Field User). These user types are pre-defined as below: 

  • Office/Sales Users: Have access to the entire platform. These users can generate and track sales leads, create and manage projects, utilize a sales calendar, manage production calendar, and have access to various reporting tools. Access can be finely tuned according to permissions, which we will go into further detail in this article.
  • Field Users: Can utilize the Builder Prime app for clocking in and clocking out of work and track hours against projects to which they are assigned. These users can manage their time cards, and update Project Logs and Photos. Field Users will not have access to the CRM side of the platform.

Setting Permissions:


Customizing levels of access is easy, and can be finely tuned for each aspect of the platform. Head to Admin > Roles to view/edit permissions.

For each User Role, you can define levels of access according to several categories of the platform, including Users, Projects, Work Orders, Contracts, Bid Requests & (Subcontractor) Purchase Orders, Invoices, Meetings, To-Do Tasks, Inventory, Employee Records, Time Cards, Integrations, and even access to control permissions themselves! 

The Owner Role is considered a "Super Admin" level of access, with full access to every part of the platform. This is the Role appropriate for the owner of the account, which will include billing details. After that, there are other roles out of the box that will allow for high levels of access, and you can turn off, or limit, what actions any user can take within Builder Prime.

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