How to Add New Users

When adding new users to your Builder Prime account, you first need to set them up as an employee.  Navigate to Admin > Employees from the main menu navigation.  If the employee record already exists for the user you want to set up, just open up their existing employee record.  Otherwise, add a new employee by clicking on the New Employee button at the top right of the employee list.


When you open a new or existing employee record, it will look like this:


The fields with the red boxes around them are required for the employee to also be set up as a user.  The other fields are optional.

Once you check the Active User checkbox, you will see the two other drop downs appear to select the User Type and the User Role.  The User Type will determine the type of user for billing purposes when it comes to your subscription to the Builder Prime software, and the User Role is what determines the user's permissions in the software once they log in.  The roles and permissions can be managed by navigating to Admin > Roles in the main menu navigation.

Once you complete at least this basic information, click on the 'Save' button.  You will see an additional button appear if you have completed all of the required user information to 'Send Registration Email' that looks as follows:


Click on the 'Send Registration Email' to trigger an email to the employee with a button to set a password and log in.  The email they receive will look something like this:


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