Builder Prime has many integrations available, allowing information to be synced from multiple sources and streamline your sales process. For example, you are able to sync your Gmail (or Google Workspace) account, sync your Google Calendar, and use Zapier or the open API to generate leads automatically in the CRM. 

Additionally, you’ll be able to accept credit card, debit card or ACH payments by integrating with our electronic payment processor.


Head to Admin > Integrations to get started.

Gmail (or Google Workspace) integration:

Builder Prime has two integrations with Gmail or Google Workspace. One for sending emails (one way sync), and another for receiving emails (two way sync). 

For sending emails:

Connecting your Gmail or Google Workspace email address for sending emails will allow any emails that you send in Builder Prime to be sent using your actual email account instead of address.

When emails are sent using your Gmail account, those emails will appear in your sent folder of your connected Gmail account as well as in Builder Prime. Additionally, the email recipients will see the email as coming from your Gmail (or Google Workspace) email address, just as if you had sent the email directly.

Click here for more detail about the Gmail integration works in Builder Prime.

For importing client emails:

This connection will request access to read your emails in your Google Workspace account. This permission is requested in order to look for emails to and from your clients that you set up in Builder Prime and import those emails into Builder Prime so you can see all communications with your client in one location, even if it was sent/received only in your connected Gmail account. 

*Note: Importing client emails is only available for Google Workspace users, and will not work with standard addresses. The organization's administrator will need to white-list the Builder Prime app to connect. Follow the instructions on Admin > Integrations

Google Calendar:

Integrating with your Google Calendar is a two-way sync, so that any meetings/events created in your Google Calendar will appear within your sales calendar within Builder Prime, and vice versa, where any meetings created within Builder Prime will automatically populate on your Google Calendar. 

Zapier Integration:

Builder Prime integrates with Zapier so that you can automatically create new leads or client records in Builder Prime from thousands of other apps in the Zapier ecosystem. The most common scenario is to send lead information from a form on a website into Builder Prime. You can learn more about creating a Zapier Integration HERE.

Open API Secret Keys: 

Builder Prime is capable of integrating with any other application to automate the setup of new leads into the CRM. Learn more about leveraging the Open API HERE

Electronic Payment Processing:

Accepting electronic payments is a breeze with our built in payment processor. You can get started with just a few clicks, by creating a merchant account with Builder Prime Payments. Once created, you'll be able to send invoices electronically and accept Credit/Debit card payments.

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