How to Schedule Time Off

In order to easily see which of your employees have time off, you’ll want to add that time off to your calendar. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to get set up to easily see when employees have time off. 

Create a “vacation” or “time off” meeting type. 

Navigate to Admin > Configure > Meetings, and view your meeting types. There is a default “Out of office” meeting type in your account, but you can choose to create a new meeting type if you’d prefer. Whichever way, name it what you’d like to use such as, “Out of Office,” “Vacation,” or “Holiday.” The most important piece is to make sure that the checkbox for “This indicates that the assigned employee is unavailable” is checked so that the employee can not be scheduled for anything else during their time off: 

Then hit save and close!

Schedule your employees for time off

Now that you have your meeting type set up, it’s time to schedule your employee for their time off! First, navigate to your sales calendar and click on “New Appointment.” Select “Out of Office” (or whatever you named your time off meeting) and the corresponding employee from the drop-down menus. Set the day(s) for the time off, and if you want it to show as all day:

In this example, Bob Builder is scheduled for time off, all day, for a week. 

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