How to send client, project, and meeting data to another app

Sometimes you may have other apps and services that you want to receive certain data from Builder Prime at various points during the lifecycle of that data.  For example, you may want to send new lead data to some other app for specific types of follow-up.  Or maybe you want to send completed project data to another service for review collection or a direct mail campaign for some local radius around the job site.  This all works flawlessly with a combination of email automations in Builder Prime combined with the Email Parser by Zapier.

To take advantage of this feature, make sure you are on a Builder Prime subscription plan that allows for automated emails and has the Zapier integration.

First, you will want to set up an email address in the Email Parser by Zapier.  Follow the instructions on Zapier's site here.

You can then set up an email automation based on a lead status, project status, or meeting type according to the instructions here.  When you set up the email automation, send it to the email adress you previously created in the Email Parser.

Tip: Make sure that the email template you create/use has the plain text option selected to make it simpler for the Email Parser to read it.

You can get pretty creative with triggering different types of automations in other apps with different email templates in Builder Prime and different email addresses in the Email Parser.

Happy automating!

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