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Getting Started

Company Setup

How to add your company info, logo, payment schedule, terms and conditions, etc.

4 articles

Employee/User Setup

How to add/remove users, install the mobile app, clocking in and out, permissions.

3 articles

Customer & Lead Management

Importing customers, creating new leads, lead statuses, client activity, etc

4 articles

Project Management

Creating new projects, pricing and costing, contracts, invoices, production schedule

4 articles


Gmail, Google Calendar, QuickBooks, Zapier, CompanyCam, Payment Processing, Open API

15 articles


How to add automation for emails, texts, to-do tasks, the call queue, and lead status

8 articles

Help Center

Accounting and Invoicing

Connect QuickBooks, manage the queue, and create/edit invoices.

6 articles

Clients and Leads

Manage leads and sources, configure lead statuses, and perform bulk actions.

9 articles


Set up default contract information, collect eSignatures, and add attachments.

4 articles

Email and SMS

Manage conversations and create email and SMS templates to build automations.

5 articles


Technical FAQs, resetting passwords, and subscription/account management.

11 articles

Managing Users

Set up time tracking, manage time cards, schedule time off, etc.

9 articles

Price Book

Instructions for setting up and using our advanced estimating tool.

13 articles


Build estimates, track expenses, use work orders, and customize the project pipeline.

18 articles


Breakdowns of reports, where the data comes from, and how to review the information.

21 articles